WaterstofNet and Cluster Tweed join forces to establish a Belgian Hydrogen Council



We would like to announce that within Belgium, WaterstofNet and Cluster Tweed (via H2Hub Wallonia) start a collaboration to establish the ‘Belgian Hydrogen Council’.

In Belgium, there is interest in hydrogen at the various political levels; the different regions and the federal government have their own hydrogen strategy.

With the Waterstof Industrie Cluster and Cluster Tweed, we have two industrial hydrogen ecosystems supported by Flanders and Wallonia respectively.

In the neighbouring countries, in addition to the regional organizations, we also see a national representation of the hydrogen industry (German Hydrogen Council, France Hydrogène..), which ensures profiling of the local hydrogen sector within Europe and advises the national government.

Europe is very ambitious regarding hydrogen and maximum cooperation between companies and governments is an absolute necessity to play an important role in European ambitions.

This involves both obtaining European funds and translating European regulations to the various policy levels in Belgium.

The companies that are represented by WaterstofNet and Cluster Tweed are calling for good cooperation between the industry and the various governments on hydrogen.

After all, many companies are active in both regions and can only realize their plans within a clear and consistent policy framework at European, federal and regional level.

To facilitate this cooperation as much as possible, WaterstofNet and Cluster Tweed will work together intensively under the flag of the 'Belgian Hydrogen Council', which comprises the (Belgian) members of both clusters.

This Belgian Hydrogen Council will advise the various authorities on specific themes in which cooperation is necessary.

In addition to the companies that are part of the Council through the two cluster organizations, experts from the academic world and sector federations will also be involved in its functioning.

The further details of this collaboration and the structure of the Belgian Hydrogen Council will be worked out in the coming months, targeting to kick-off at the beginning of 2023.