Projet AEWEN : stratégie Nexus Energie-Eau pour l'export de PMEs en Afrique

Le projet AEWEN, acronyme de African-EU Water and Energy Network, commencera en Septembre et permettra au cluster de travailler sur le Nexus Energie-Eau et de supporter l'export des PMEs au Maroc, en Tunisie ainsi qu'au Sénégal.



The AEWEN (African-EU Water and Energy Network) project integrates four wellestablished European clusters specialising in the complementary areas of energy and water, with the aim to develop and implement a joint internationalisation strategy to help SMEs go international in targeted African countries.


In order to achieve this, the AEWEN project will exploit collaboration opportunities in the technology areas addressed by the four clusters and other non-EU organisations, to tap into the growing demand

for green transition solutions in three specific countries in Africa which present increasing opportunities in these technologies: Morocco, Senegal and Tunisia.