Feedback : Webinar - Which technologies & digital tools do we need to implement an energy community ? - 23/02/21

First training session of 6 online training sessions for energy communities: 'What's the impact of regulation on energy communities? Cases from Belgium, France & Italy'. This 6 pack series is organised by TWEED and Flux50, energy clusters in Belgium.


  • Intro to the training sessions and the session of today - Frederik Loeckx, Flux50
  • Overview of Energy Communities Value Chain : Technologies and digital tools needed. Exemple with EC Value Chain in Wallonia - Renaud Dachouffe, TWEED
  • Opportunities for energy efficiency at district level through software & hardware combination - Peter Van Den Heede, ABB
  • Overview of IT challenges & solutions for energy Communities & data exchange with Distribution Network Managers and energy suppliers - Eric Vermeulen, Haulogy
  • i.LECO Prosumer App, an intuitive dashboard - Stefan Lodeweyckx, I.Leco
  • How to boost Stakeholder & citizen engagement through Energy Community Manager Platform - François Bordes, WeSmart
  • Controller for HEMS linked to energy communities - Pieter De Clerck, Openmotics