Feedback : Webinaire - H2 & Emerging Technologies for sustainable energy - 20 mai 2020

Découvrez la vidéo et les présentations de ce webinaire lié à l'hydrogène et aux nouvelles technologies émergentes du secteur énergétique !


H2 & Emerging Technologies for sustainable energy - 20 mai 2020 de cluster_tweed


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  • Emerging technologies for sustainable energy - Engie Research, Jan Mertens (MSc, PhD), Chief Science Officer (En)

Jan Mertens is Engie's Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) co-building ENGIE's long term vision on technologies, identifying key international research players on selected emerging technologies and initiating partnerships.. He holds a PhD in Environmental engineering from the KUL (2006). After various research positions in Belgium and New-Zealand, Jan joined the environmental team of Laborelec, ENGIE in 2008. He was responsible for the research program on emerging energy technologies as well as for carbon capture and valorisation. In March 2016, he joined ENGIE corporate research department and was in charge of technology watch on new emerging technologies until November 2018 when taking up the position of CSO. His main research topics are related to life cycle assessment, emissions monitoring, Carbon Capture, Carbon use, Water footprinting and he holds over 50 international peer reviewed publications. Since 2019, Jan is also visiting Professor at the University of Gghent in the domain of sustainable electricity generation

  • Hydrogène, le chaînon manquant - HydrogenAdvisors, Raphaël Schoentgen, ancien President de Hydrogen Europe et du FCHJU (Fr)

Raphaël Schoentgen is former President of Hydrogen Europe (association of European companies active in hydrogen and fuel cells) and President of FCHJU, the European fund backing the sector : after more than 20 years of professional experience in the field of climate change and energy, he has come to the conclusion that there are not many solutions that can help us fight climate change, and if there is something new and powerful it is hydrogen !


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