Webinar Smile/Flux50/TWEED : ‘Storage in our neighbouring regions: what's hot?'

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Dans le cadre de sa coopération avec ses partenaires Flux50 et SMILE (projet français 'SMart Ideas to Link Energies'), TWEED est heureux de proposer, le 10 novembre prochain, un webinaire sur le thème du stockage. Ce dernier permettra à chaque partenaire de mettre en lumière des projets prometteurs.

Which projects will be highlighted?

France - SMILE

  • E4V, Recupelec Rezo : Recupelec Rezo is a Smile project led by E4V. The production lines in the E4V factory are equipped with inverters/chargers to retrieve the waste heat which is stored and then powers the production requirements. At the same time, Enerdigit is developing storage of primary reserves. These two systems are mutualised to provide the energy and power necessary during any major variation between production and network demands. After this a collaborative self-consumption will be assessed. This project is one of the pioneers in the retrieval of waste electricity on an industrial site contributing to supporting the network.
  • Entech, E-factory : Stationary energy storage: how to provide service to the utilities, promote the penetration of intermittent renewables energies and enable rapid charging of electric vehicles without reinforcing the grids. Technological choices, power management and system performance allow to maximize the value of storage systems.

Wallonia - TWEED

  • MiRIS : CMI group opened the largest pilot installation for the storage of green energy in Europe in Seraing end 2018. This installation, called ‘MiRIS' (Micro Réseau Intégré Seraing) is composed of 6,500 solar panels, (with a peak production capacity of renewable electricity of 2 mW, the equivalent of 500 to 600 households for a whole year), is allied to batteries of different technologies (redox flow and Litium-Ion).

Flanders - Flux50

  • Green Energy Park : The Green Energy Park is a CO2-neutral, realistic living lab equipped with a large-scale electric grid, an ultra-low temperature heat grid and extensive electric mobility possibilities.A green data centre will support the park with the necessary computing power needed to develop sustainable, high-tech solutions.Anyone who is part of this “CO2 Neutral Smart Multi Energy Grid” can supply and consume energy. This energy is stored in batteries, electric cars, heat buffers and underground energy storage.Speaker: Thierry Coosemans, University of Brussels (VUB).

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