European Water Technology Week in Leeuwarden (NL) 19-22 September 2022

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Le Cluster H2O vous invite à la mission EUROPEAN WATER TECH WEEK 2022 qui aura lieu à Leeuwarden, aux Pays-Bas les 19, 20, 21 et 22 septembre 2022.

Les objectifs de la mission sont :

  • assurer une visibilité à l'international à tous ses membres qui le souhaitent via stand flyers & vidéos
  • donner accès à de nombreuses innovations qui émergent du secteur de l'Eau
  • participer à de l'after working BtoB

Venez nous rejoindre 1 jour, 2 jours, voire 3 jours à la deuxième Semaine européenne des technologies de l'eau (EWTW 2022) pour rencontrer les dirigeants d'entreprises, d'universités et de gouvernement et s'inspirer mutuellement. L'édition précédente de EWTW a attiré plus de 1000 participants de 38 pays.

Science, valorisation, mise à l'échelle, développement commercial, exportation, entrepreneuriat, politique et éducation : tous les aspects de l'innovation technologique dans le domaine de l'Eau seront intégrés dans le programme du EUROPEAN WATER TECH WEEK 2022.

Le programme détaillé

Pendant le Congrès European Water Technology Week 2022 a également lieu le salon Water Tech Europe, qui n'est pas le même événement. Les deux sont bien sûr complémentaires, les visiteurs de l'EWTW ont accès gratuitement au salon Water Tech Europe.

Intéressé(e) ?

Le cluster H2O se propose d’organiser une mission d’acteurs wallons lors de cet événement, marquez votre intérêt à participer à cette mission via le formulaire suivant :



Monday September 19

Opening European Water Technology Week 2022 & Congress program !

  • 09.30 Welcome and registration
  • 10.00 Plenary session: Opening European Water Technology Week 2020
    • Chair: Johannes Boonstra, Executive Board Wetsus
    • Wetsus developments, Cees Buisman, Executive Board Wetsus
    • Mark Harbers, Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management
    • Thecla Bodewes, chair Topsector Water & Maritime
    • Manuela Geleng, Director for Skills at the Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, European Commission
    • Malik Boukebbous, Country Manager DEME Group
    • Marcel Mulder Award Ceremony 2022, drs. Ed Nijpels, Supervisory Board Wetsus
  • 12.00 Lunch, visit exhibition floor and WaterMatch 2022, the international water technology brokerage event that gives you the opportunity to meet with companies, researchers, knowledge institutes and government representatives in one-on-one meetings (registration is mandatory).
  • 14.00 Plenary session:
    • Connecting international clusters and innovations
    • Connecting global water tech hubs 
    • Connecting Dutch Innovations WIS Award: The Pitches
  • 16.30 Drinks and visit exhibition floor


Tuesday September 20

  • 09.30 Welcome and registration
  • 10.00 Plenary session:
    • Chair: Cees Buisman, Executive Board Wetsus
    • Keynote, prof.dr.Anita Hardon – WUR & chair NWO Domain Social Sciences and Humanities
  • 11.00 Parallel sessions
    • 1.1 Smart Dehydration & Food Technology
    • 1.2 Robotics in WaterTech  Developments
    • 1.3 Sustainability in the Making
    • 1.4 The adaptable microbiome: our weapon in battling crises?!
    • 1.5 Circular urban water management
  • 12.30 Lunch, visit exhibition floor and WaterMatch 2022, the international water technology brokerage event that gives you the opportunity to meet with companies, researchers, knowledge institutes and government representatives in one-on-one meetings (registration is mandatory).
  • 14.00 Plenary session
    • Chair: Cees Buisman, Executive Board Wetsus
    • Keynote: A planetary boundary for green water, dr. Lan Wang-Erlandsson, Stockholm Resilience Centre, Sweden  
  • 15.00 Break
  • 15.30 Parallel sessions
    • 2.1 Policy developments to prevent the spread of antibiotic resistance
    • 2.2 Rainfall enhancement and ecosystem restoration in water limited regions
    • 2.3 The Physics of Colloidal Matter in Water Technology
    • 2.4 Nano Plastics & Plastic Recyclers
    • 2.5 Hydrogen from seawater
    • 2.6 Workshop: Harnessing the Power of Creative Content & Storytelling
    • 2.7 Overcoming barriers for effective innovation
  • 17.00 Drinks and visit exhibition floor


Wednesday September 21

  • 09.30 Welcome and registration
  • 10.00 Plenary session
    • Chair: Cees Buisman, Executive Board Wetsus
    • Keynote: Building a digital twin of water systems: driving the future of water business, prof. Jayawardhana, professor in Mechatronics and Control of Nonlinear Systems - Faculty of Science and Engineering, University of Groningen
    • Keynote: Anna Panagopoulou, Director for European Research Area & Innovation, Directorate General Research & Innovation, European Commission
  • 11.00 Parallel sessions
    • 3.1 Technological developments to prevent the spread of antibiotic resistance
    • 3.2 Brines: from Waste to Product 
    • 3.3  Plastic Waste Biodegradation: The Challenge Towards Sustainable Management
    • 3.4   Water technology solutions for semi-arid regions
    • 3.5 Finals Wetskills-The Netherlands 2022 (Pitch presentations)
    • 3.6 Circular Water and Resources, what are the challenges in realizing?
    • 3.7 Climate change is world’s biggest challenge, also in built environment; so how should we respond?
  • 12.30 Lunch, visit exhibition floor and WaterMatch 2022, the international water technology brokerage event that gives you the opportunity to meet with companies, researchers, knowledge institutes and government representatives in one-on-one meetings (registration is mandatory).
  • 14.00 Plenary session: New Business in water technology & Parallel sessions
    • 4.1 Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence in the water sector
    • 4.2 Finding your right international partner: best practices and opportunities
    • 4.3 EU programmes bring tangible opportunities for SMEs – WINNing Days
    • 4.4 Powering the future with ocean energy
    • 4.5 What is the potential of hydrogen for the water sector and vice versa
    • 4.6 TechTalk: Enabling the application of water technology to address water scarcity
    • 4.7 Water and (nano)Plastics
  • 17.00 Drinks and buffet hosted by Water Alliance at the exhibition floor


Thursday September 22

Your best way to discover how diverse Dutch water tech is, is to experience it yourself. Our special tours aim at just that. You get to experience first-hand what and how water technology plays a part in very diverse surroundings.


All tours starts at the WaterCampus. WaterCampus Leeuwarden is the physical core of the Dutch water technology sector and has the ambition to play a sector uniting role for the rest of Europe as well. WaterCampus stimulates cooperation between (inter)national businesses, knowledge institutes and governments within the water technology sector, in order to create synergy for world class innovation, education and entrepreneurship. This strengthens the global position of the European water technology sector. Additionally, WaterCampus offers a unique research infrastructure, and is a meeting point for scientists and companies from all over Europe.

You will visit the various facilities, such as the Water Application Centre and Wetsus research facilities.

At a glance:

  • Tour 1 - Resource Recovery : Visit a WWTP (Waste Water Treatment Plant) and also a local soccer club which uses water twice via a Hydraloop. Next you will visit the showcase ‘Water Schoon

  • Tour 2 - Water & Energy : Visit to Ir. D.F. Woudagemaal, the largest still operational steam pumping station in the world dates from 1920 and has been on UNESCO’s World Heritage List since 1998. This monumental steam giant is still used by Wetterskip Fryslân to ensure dry feet in Friesland when the water levels are too high.

  • Tour 3 - Water & Circular Economy : In Flevoland, governments, knowledge institutes and businesses have joined forces to initiate a water transition. In WaterLab Circular Water suppliers are challenged to test innovations together with end users in 7 practical situations. Via the principle of launching customership (first customer) they get to work on making the water supply circular. On September 22 we will take you to one of these projects.

* We are working on an exact time schedule for the tours. All tours will start around 8.00 am and will end around 5.00 pm.

Informations pratiques

  • Date : 19-20-21-22 septembre 2022
  • Prix : 1 jour 195€ - 2 jours 350€ - 3 jours 500€
  • Frais de mission : intervention du Cluster H2O (!)
  • Lieu : Westcord WTC Hotel Leeuwarden,  Heliconweg 52, 8914 AT Leewarden, Pays-Bas
  • Contact : pour plus d'information - - 0032/478.116.908
  • Site web : avec l'entièreté des détails du programme