Business symposium with Canada players • Challenges and prospects related to energy flexibility and DC microgrid

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In the framework of the mission dedicated to smart energy and bioeconomy organized by the Smart Grid Innovation Network (SGIN) and the Bioindustrial Innovation Canada (BIC), the cluster TWEED is organizing an afternoon business symposium. The event is aimed to shade light on challenges and prospects related to energy flexibility, microgrid and optimization, with some use case projects in Belgium. This event offers Canadian and Belgian companies an opportunity to enhance partnerships, gather knowledge, prospect the market, and build relationships. 


2:00 PM : Welcome Coffee 

2:25 PM : Introduction by the cluster TWEED 

2:30 PM : Introduction of the Canadian delegation 

3:00 PM : Presentation of the EcoFlex, a project analyzing the intelligent management of energy communities and smart charging of electric vehicles with the aim of balancing the electricity grid. 

3:20 PM : Presentation of the MIRACCLE Project. This initiative aims to develop a direct current (DC) microgrid connecting multiple companies within an industrial zoning. Its goal is to optimize the energy production and facilitate the sharing of renewable energy, thereby alleviating strain on the main grid. 

3:40 PM : Guided tour of the  MIRACCLE development site. 

4:15 PM : Networking, drink & close. 

Discover the Canadian Delegation team : Brochure.

• La participation est gratuite pour les membres du Cluster TWEED. 
• L'inscription est obligatoire.