Stakeholders (businesses, universities and the public sector) involved in the biomass sector.


IPALLE is a group of the 23 municipalities of Wallonia Picarde, as well as the 7 municipalities of South Hainaut. IPALLE works in the sectors of waste water treatment, waste prevention, collection and treatment of waste and energy.

7503 Tournai


Xylergy SA has acquired all technology, name rights and assets of Xylowatt SA. The NOTAR® cutting-edge technology efficiently turns biomass or waste into a clean and cold gas fit for powering a cogeneration engine or for replacing fossil fuels in an industrial furnace.

1348 Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve

Pellets Box

Pellet Box is a simple pellets boiler to install, all a competitive price (tbd). It comes in a kit "all-in-one" in the form of a box incorporating the boiler, pellet tank and connections needed for a quick and practice installation.

4020 Liège