How can we support you? 

Do you need help to:

  • Expand your network locally or/and internationally?
  • Create new partnerships?
  • Find new investors, new subcontractors and new customers?
  • Enter new markets with upcoming technologies?

We offer advice in the structuring and support the Walloon innovation for sustainable energy sector. We work on the sustainable value chain transformation.

Mapping, Roadmaps

Bring together energy sector actors and position their skills in local and international value chains.

We organise meeting of actors on specific areas of expertise, for our 6 major ecosystems
Networking Organise meetings between actors, in the form of information sessions, working groups, B2B sessions, seminars, webinars or missions abroad.
We collaborate within innovation

Identify opportunities and challenges, initiate the implementation of innovative solutions, support projects and find appropriate funding mechanisms.

We work on an international level

Support members in exporting their solutions

Work in tandem with other Clusters & Development Agency partners in order to cover more regions and create corridors.

We set up / support multicultural & multidisciplinary projects within the academic-industrial network - especially the small and medium-sized entreprises (SMEs)

Partnerships Building sustainable partnerships at local and international level.

Contact us and find out the many services that the TWEED Cluster can offer you!