The Board

The TWEED Cluster is composed of an Operational cell as well as a Board of Directors of companies with a global view of the development of "energy and sustainable environment" projects.

The Board :

  • Didier Leboutte (John Cockerill) • Présidence
  • Thibaut Pairon (Equans) 
  • Pauline Dijon (Besix) 
  • Frederik Lefevre (ORES) 
  • Nicolas Loix (Micromega Dynamics) 
  • Marc Gillet (Enersol) 
  • Gaëtan Durvaux (Deplasse) 
  • Eric VAN Sevenant (SPGE/SWDE)
  • Philippe Boury (SWDE)
  • Marc Lepiece (WeSmart)
  • Grégory Herman (Hydroscan)
  • Olivier Bouchat (WE)
  • Bruno Vandezande (Agoria)

The Governing body of the Cluster is the General Assembly (GA) which is composed of the effective and adherent members of the Cluster.