YIVA Engineering is active in Engineering, Project Management, Recycling and Renewable Energy for Industrial Projects, which has been founded by the people having more than 23 years industrial experience for Engineering, project management, recycling and renewable energy.
Having operational and design experience in RHF (rotary hearth furnace) technology for treatment of zinc bearing wastes as well as Waelz technology.

Main core business is evaluation and providing solutions for industry to recycle valuable industrial wastes like electric arc furnace dust (EAFD), BF, BOF dust, any type of slags, any type of solid wastes and complex mining deposits turn into valuable output for metals and others (like zinc, lead, copper, silver, gold, iron metal, aluminium, lithium, rare earth metals etc..)

YIVA can provide solutions for industrial waste, provide laboratory test works, piloting test works, process simulations for process design, basic engineering and bankable feasibility study, providing necessary packages to detailed engineering companies, supervising engineering activities, project management, plant commissioning management, training of plant operators etc..

On the the renewable energy cluster, YIVA is solution provider for solar energy, biogas, wind energy, hydrogen projects, heat recovery systems.

Please contact us for further information to www.yiva.be

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