The Research Administration (ADRE) provides general and administrative monitoring of research projects and contracts at the University of Namur (UNamur).

The Research Administration (ADRE) provides support for research and service missions to the university community. It is the gateway for all audiences (researchers, companies, administrations, ...) for issues related to research and its valuation.

The Valuation Unit in particular informs researchers on all issues related to Intellectual Property and supports them in their valuation efforts; but it also identifies industrial partners for research projects and offers license offers, remarkable equipment and know-how from FUNDP.

At UNamur, sustainable development is at the heart of many research projects. The environment is at the heart of most of them. Some projects seek to understand and preserve the various components of our natural environment: lakes, ponds and rivers, for our biologists of organisms, the aerosphere, for our physicists specialized in spectrometry, the earth and the natural risks to which it is exposed, for our geologists. Others are interested in the interaction between humans and their natural environment, in particular by studying the best practices in agriculture or aquaculture in teams of biologists as well as geographers or veterinarians. Still others seek to offer innovative solutions to reduce the ecological footprint of man: experts in nanotechnology, physicists and chemists, interested in new molecules or new materials: mathematicians model transportation and evaluate more ecological alternatives to our current habits; the computer scientists, meanwhile, consider the potential contribution of intelligent systems that promote environmentally responsible behavior.