Equipment manufacturer of electric heating with a specialization in the accumulation of heat in refractory bricks.
A few kWh at some MWh

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Aero-thermo-mechanics department - ULB

Research activities of Aero-Thermo-Mechanics Department cover a wide range of fluid mechanics applications including lubrication for aero-engines and machine tools, CFD, UAV’s, renewable energy, heat exchangers, helicopters, space propulsion, N2/O2 separation, micro climate, etc.

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The Federation brings together and defends the interests of companies in the technology industry through business development initiatives centred on markets, products and technologies, both nationally and internationally

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AKKA Technologies supports major industrial and service-sector clients in the different steps of their projects, from R&D and design until industrial production. Owing to its mastery of complementary skills, the Group provides real added value to its clients in all market segments.

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Sectors: mining, resource management water, chemical, food industry, civil engineering, land use planning, metallurgical industry, waste, protection of the environment

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