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Energy Encounters – Second Series

Le Cluster TWEED était partenaire des premières sessions de conférences Energy Encounters, organisées en janvier et février par EnegyVille (feedback disponibles). Suite au succès de cette première édition, 4 nouvelles sessions sont proposées ces prochaines semaines sur les thématiques de la construction, des smart cities, de la mobilité et de la décarbonisation industrielle. Les membres du Cluster sont invités à y participer, n'hésitez pas à vous inscrire!


Energy Encounters – Second Series


In February and March 2021, EnergyVille organized a series of expert debates, the Energy Encounters, on various energy topics, more specifically on onshore wind, PV, offshore wind and gas. It was a successful series that sparked engaging discussions. Video recordings and summaries of the individual sessions have also been made available on the website.

Because of its success, we would like to continue these encounters with a new series, this time about the built environment and renovation; smart cities and districts; mobility; and industrial decarbonisation. During these debates, experts who play a key role in realising this turnaround will come together to discuss key issues. We'll bring different stakeholders together, who will put all their challenges in the energy transition on the table. That way, we can explore constructive solutions together.

You'll be able to follow the debates through a livestream. A live Q&A will allow you to take part in the conversation from afar.

Please note that you'll have to register for each session individually.


Du 22/04/2021 au 08/06/2021