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  • Company (SME)

General presentation

Xylowatt's core business lies in the development, design and delivery of biomass gasification reactors. This focus allows Xylowatt to provide the best gasification technology and related services to its clients who are typically major EPC contractors and industrial partners interested in adding the gasification solution to their portfolio.

Xylowatt gasification reactors integrate into multiple ecosystems, typically managed by major EPC contractors and integrators, to solve the most difficult waste to energy challenges faced by the end users of those ecosystems.

Energy consumers with access to waste difficult to valorize and/or interested to produce green energy from wood residues can now turn to EPC contractors and integrators deploying the Xylowatt technology and turn their most challenging problems into exciting new opportunities.

Domains of specialization

  • A - Private Companies
  • B - Biomass-energy
  • B - Cogeneration
  • B - Grids (heat, gas, electricity)


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Evrard Pierre
Sales Manager
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