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Wind energy

Panorama éolien

For years, the wind energy sector has grown very fast all over the world. In Germany, in Denmark and in Portugal, the wind energy market is now a booming business and offers a lot of opportunities to all companies which have an expertise in this sector.

About the Walloon region, many companies are already active in this market, specifically as components manufacturer subcontractor but also in the maintenance and in the project development.

Recently, the Cluster TWEED set up a mapping of the Walloon expertise in the wind energy sector

Wind energy in the Walloon region

Spread over 33 areas, more than 200 wind turbines have been installed in Wallonia. They produce the quantity of electricity used by 283.000 households. The Walloon Government wants to multiply this amount by four and provide 1.180.000 households with electricity from wind turbines by the year 20120. That means the total production will reach 4,5 TWh in 2020.

To strive towards this target, a framework of references, called "Cadre de référence éolien", was carried out by the Walloon Government to provide the guidelines for the coming wind farm projects in Wallonia.

To achieve the Walloon 2020 goal, 80 2,1MW wind turbines will have to be installed each year. The potential market is estimated between 221 and 255 millions euros per year, that means a total amount of 2 billion euros in 2020. Moreover operating costs and maintenance are estimated at 80 million euros per year and could be provided by Walloon companies up to 80%.

TWEED in the wind energy sector

TWEED members in the wind energy sector

You will find all the companies listed in the mapping on the following website: www.windturbinewallonia.be