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The GEO3 (Geotechnology, Hydrogeology, Geophysics) Unit in the ARGENCO (Architecture, Geology, Environment, and Construction) Department at the Université de Liège

Open and closed geothermal systems: Characterization and modeling of shallow and medium-depth geothermal reservoirs (non-invasive methods and drilling methods that can be extrapolated to greater depths), heat exchange modeling, and the impact of geothermal energy (temperature and chemistry).

Products / Services

"Géotherwal" Project (Optimization of closed-loop geothermal probes) co-promoted by R. Charlier and F. Nguyen, the ERable Research Program (Walloon Region). 2011-2016.
Project: "Development of a hydrogeophysical integration methodology to monitor temperature changes in aquifers and geothermal systems". National Science Foundation Postdoctoral research project. 2014-2017.
"MINERVE" project (Mineralization, Renewable Energy, and Materials and Energy Recovery) led by Shanks SA, GreenWin competitiveness cluster, Marshall Plan (Walloon region). 2011-2016.

Pending: "Wall-Hy-Pac" project (Energy recovery from groundwater) lead by Lampiris, pending decision from Walloon region. Expected dates: 2015-2019

Domains of specialization

  • A - Associations & Federations
  • B - Heat pumps
  • B - Geothermal Energy
  • C - Studies & design
  • C - R&D


Allée de la Découverte, 9, bât. B52
4000 Liège, Belgique
04 366 50 87
BE 0325.777.171


Robert Tanguy
Postdoctoral Researcher