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Tweed Cluster

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Tweed organization

TWEED is the Cluster of Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development technologies in the Walloon Region.

Created in 2008 , TWEED aims to play a major role in the business development of the "sustainable energy" sectors in the Walloon Region.

Our Management

TWEED is managed by a staff of coordinators and a board of directors composed of professionals from the "sustainable energy" sector:

  • Minguet Laurent (President)

  • Bertrand Eric (Derbigum – Imperbel)

  • Descy Gilbert (ESE)

  • Detroz Tanguy (Dapesco)

  • Grangé Christian (De Smet Engineers)

  • Leboutte Didier (CMI)

  • Lefebvre Olivier (Xylowatt)

  • Spiltoir Jean-Marc (GreenWatt)

  • Tambuyser Luc (GDF SUEZ Energy Services)

  • Vandezande Bruno (Agoria)

The General Assembly is composed by the members and make decisions on every concerning issue.