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As a major contributor to the economic and sustainable development of Wallonia, SPAQuE has always expressed a particular interest in renewable energies. After the use of landfill biogas as energy (producing electricity and heat), the use of "green" fuel for intensive-use vehicles and the planting of miscanthus, SPAQuE has begun to consider the question of solar energy.

So, since 2015, SPAQuE has been eqquiping former rehabilitated landfill sites with photovoltaic panels to produce electricity. Depending on the quantities produced, this energy is either used on site to supply the landfill facilities (pumps, motors, degassing networks, etc.), or sold and fed back into the local power grid.

The former landfill sites are unusable for any other construction project and extremely conducive to photovoltaic panels' installations, but also wind turbines. A project is also under study at SPAQuE.

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  • A - Private Companies
  • B - Biomass-energy
  • B - Cogeneration
  • B - Solar photovoltaic
  • B - Wind energy
  • C - Studies & design


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