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Solar energy: photovoltaic & thermal

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The sun provides about 6.000 times the worldwide energy consumption each year. Thanks to the solar energy technologies using the sun's energy and light, it is possible to produce hot water (thermal solar energy) and electricity (photovoltaic).

The solar sector is a growing market for Walloon companies concerning installation, panels and component manufacturing as well as the innovating technologies!

The photovoltaic sector: a booming market

 For years, New documentthe PV market is characterized by a growth rate of around 30% per year. The European market is the main PV market with a 80%-market share in 2010 (more than the half in Germany and in Italy).

In 2010, Belgium had a total installed capacity of 860 MW:

  • 100 MWp in Wallonia (95% of residential photovoltaic)

  • 10 MWp in Brussels

  • 750 MWp in Flanders (50% of industrial photovoltaic)

The thermal solar energy

In 2009, the total installed surface of thermic sensors was equal to 175.000 m2 for an estimated production of 235,5 MWth. The regional action plan "Soltherm" has been a true incentive to develop the thermal solar market in Wallonia. The goal was to develop the solar water-heater for the production of hot sanitary water.

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