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John Cockrill

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Type of member

  • Company (Large enterprise)

General presentation


The Group's ambition is to be the leading industrial partner of international customers, to design equipment and develop its overall performance through a combination of expertise in maintenance and engineering.

Specialized in boilers, the Energy branch of CMI Group is a world leader in the Energy sector. The CMI Group engineers, supplies and installs Heat Recovery Steam Generators for combined cycle power plants and cogeneration applications. Moreover, the Group offers a large range of services suitable to any kind of boilers. The Energy sector has a complete expertise in engineering, upgrades and servicing of boilers.

Domains of specialization

  • A - Private Companies
  • B - Cogeneration
  • B - Energy Efficiency
  • C - Operations & Maintenance
  • C - Studies & design


Avenue Greiner, 1
4100 SERAING, Belgique
+32 4 330 22 43
+32 4 330 25 82
BE 0422.362.447


Leboutte Didier
Development Manager
++32 4 330 22 43

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