Sustainable Energy Cluster

TWEED (Technology of Wallonia Energy, Environment and sustainable Development) aims to play a major role in the business development of «sustainable energy» sectors.

Its first mission is to pave the way for the setting up of high quality and industrial-size projects in the fields of production and exploitation of sustainable energy, profitable enough to attract appropriate financial means.

“Sustainable energy” covers the following areas:

  • Renewable energy sources ;

  • The implementation of new processes in order to achieve energy savings, energy efficiency or the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, including CO2, at industrial level and in the tertiary sector ;

  • The development of products pursuing the same goals, for industry, the tertiary sector or individuals («green» services and goods). 

If you want to learn more about each renewable energy sector and the TWEED members, click on the pictures below.

SolaireBiomasseSmart Grid
EolienEfficacité énergétiqueProduits et services verts

Activities of TWEED

  • Networking between industrial or commercial companies and others actors of sustainable energy sectors.

  • Reactive and proactive approaches in order to stimulate new projects.

  • Set-up technical support and management of projects.

  • Promote networking by organizing specific events, general meetings, workshops, bilateral meetings, face-to-face meetings, visits to companies,...

  • Develop synergies with other actors of sustainable energy sectors (clusters,...).

  • Local and international promotion of members .

  • Carrying out industry, technical, market and economic studies on sustainable energy sector.

News of the renewable energies sector

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