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Green Propulsion Engineering

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Type of member

  • Company (SME)

General presentation

Green Propulsion was founded in 2001 as a spinoff of the University of Liege (Belgium). It has since become an independent specialist in ever cleaner motorisations:

* Expertise for decision-makers based on practical experience with alternative fuels, battery electrics, hybrids, fuel cells and an overall “Well to Wheel” vision
* Simulations and optimisation of virtual vehicles for cost effectiveness before development
* Evaluation of state-of-the-art technologies on our test benches
* Full development of prototype vehicles by a multidisciplinary team

Thanks to the 15 years of experience of its founders and the more than 15 unique prototypes it has built, Green Propulsion now works closely – not just as a subcontractor - with several European manufacturers, primarily in the fields of urban transport and motor sports.

In the field of plug-in hybrids, in particular, Green Propulsion is without a doubt one of the leading independent R&D centres in Europe, with no fewer than seven topologies and innovative management strategies to its credit.

Domains of specialization

  • A - Private Companies
  • B - Energy Efficiency
  • C- Commercialization & Supply
  • C - Distribution & Installation
  • C - Studies & design
  • C - R&D


Avenue Pré-Aily, 20
4031 Liège, Belgique
+32 4 239 70 40
+32 4 239 70 49
BE 0645.594.089


Toussaint Yves
Directeur Exécutif
++32 4 239 70 47