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Geolys is an energy and environmental consulting firm present in all 3 regions and working in the following fields: soils (management of pollution and excavated materials, etc.); water (hydrogeology: management of groundwater catchment areas and protection zones, urban hydrology, hydrology applied to civil engineering, etc.); and geothermal energy.

Geolys was founded in 2004 and currently has 27 employees (including 6 partners) with a range of expertise and extensive field experience. Geolys works closely with our clients to offer effective and operational custom solutions that are based on our thorough and precise understanding of the request and the challenges involved.

Products / Services

Geolys has a team of engineers and specialists in the fields of hydrogeolgy and geology that can provide expertise for any very low

-temperature geothermal heating/cooling project (open or closed loop) throughout the different project stages.

Geolys conducts pre-feasibility studies to provide the necessary technical, financial, and administrative information about the advisability of the project.

During the project development phase, Geolys conducts the feasibility study (technical, administrative, financial), with services that are specific to each project. For closed loop projects they may include: a geological survey, thermal response tests (TRT), dimensioning of loop fields (geothermal modeling). For open loop projects they may include: hydrogeological studies (pump tests, temperature measurements and groundwater quality analysis, injection tests), dimensioning of reinjection and extraction wells, 3D modeling of aquifer temperature, etc.

For the implementation of geothermal systems, Geolys drafts the technical clauses and specifications and is responsible for construction monitoring (technical, administrative, and financial), as well as conducting and monitoring acceptance tests.

Domains of specialization

  • C - Studies & design
  • C - Studies & design
  • B - Heat pumps
  • B - Geothermal Energy


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Vandenheede Vincent
Director & business partner
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