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  • Company (SME)

General presentation

Energis.Cloud is a SaaS energy management platform that monitors and optimises the energy consumption and production of non-residential buildings and industrial sites. The platform is used by Energy Managers active in the following sectors: non-residential buildings, industrial sites, renewable energies, cogeneration, electric mobility, smart city. The software allows to follow up the entire lifecycle of energy efficiency projects in compliance with international standards (ie ISO 50001, ICP, IPMVP EVO, etc.).

Products / Services

The platform is open, flexible and scalable. It consists of 4 modules:

- Invoice Verifier: Digitise, verify and analyse electricity, gas and water invoices automatically. Save time and identify savings in just a few clicks.

- Standard analysis: Collect data automatically, organise and analyse Energy measures, set alerts and send reports.

- Advanced Analysis: Create baselines in accordance with IPMVP guidelines in just a few clicks and identify the optimal performance of equipment, buildings and industrial sites

- Remote Control & Optimization: Control devices remotely & automate the optimisation of energy performance according to thresholds, alerts and deviations from the baselines.

In addition to these modules, we offer a software built-in datalogger, the RaspICY: it allows bidirectional communication, it performs remote control actions according to schedules or user-defined parameters and allows to monitor the flow of data in real-time.

Domains of specialization

  • B - Energy Efficiency
  • A - Private Companies
  • B - Carbon footprint & Enviromnent
  • B - Cogeneration
  • B - Energy Efficiency
  • B - Heat pumps
  • B - Hydroelectricity
  • B - Grids (heat, gas, electricity)
  • B - Smart Grids
  • B - Solar photovoltaic
  • B - Solar thermal energy
  • C- Commercialization & Supply
  • C - Distribution & Installation
  • C - Operations & Maintenance
  • C - R&D


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