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  • Company (SME)

General presentation

A Public-Private Partnership for technological eco-innovation:
The increasing environmental pressure enforces constraining directives for industrial plants. Walloon Government and Industry decided to boost together the Walloon innovative capacity through a strong Public-Private Partnership (? PPP) having at its disposal modular, flexible and expandable semi-industrial Technological Development infrastructures operating under high pressure and high temperature.

Co-financed activities offer a real potential for further industrial exploitation of integrated thermal processes focussed on air quality improvement, Green House Gases (? GHG) emissions tangible reduction, recovery of wastes and ultimate residues, energy efficiency.

With the help of multidisciplinary human resources, EcoTechnoPole Wallonie (ETP-W) wants to perfect and disseminate a new approach of sustainable production and to be attractive for investors by pairing sound quality of life, growing economy and high level employment.

Products / Services

EcoTechnoPôle Wallonie makes use of two test halls with a total area of 1800 m² in Liège (B) containing several thermo-chemical conversion (gasification, combustion, ...) pilot facilities working at room or high pressure.
A laboratory carries out liquid and solid phase analysis and realises raw material and reaction products characterization.
A mobile continuous gas analyser system allows the on-line evaluation of the process gas composition.

Two halls for solid raw material preparation and conditioning as well as characterization laboratories are located at the Centre Terre et Pierre in Tournai (B).

Domains of specialization

  • B - Biomass-energy
  • C - Studies & design


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