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Type of member

  • Company (SME)

General presentation

Coopeos is a citizen cooperative whose mission is to develop the use of biomass energy at the local level in the context of sustainable development. Coopeos offers its services to communities and businesses and aims to:

- Developing energy performance solutions by installing a wood-fired boiler, monitoring consumption, de fi ning an action plan for reducing energy consumption by acting on both the Production of hot water and consumption (control of zones, dehumidification by absorption machine, insulation, etc.)

- Co-create, with all stakeholders, awareness-raising approaches to sustainable development.

With more than 20 years of experience and a network of partners, Coopeos provides technical support (feasibility studies, engineering, project management, site monitoring, commissioning, operation, etc.). ), Nancial and educational.

Products / Services

Coopeos specializes in the installation of wood (silo, boiler, hydraulic) heating systems and related techniques, in particular the management and regulation of hot water for domestic hot water production, air treatment (dehumidi cation By absorption machine). Coopeos manages the projects in their entirety and proposes, with its partners, a global energy service:

1. Studies & works:
- Energy audit and thermal needs analysis - Engineering, selection and dimensioning of equipment
- Implementation and implementation
- Project management from design to reception

2. Operation:
- Predictive and corrective maintenance of equipment
- Management of wood fuel supply - Facility management, global energy monitoring and consumption monitoring

3. Financing:
- Coopeos can take over the complete or partial financing of the equipment, with a remuneration for the energy savings realized.

Domains of specialization

  • B - Biomass-energy
  • B - Energy Efficiency
  • C - Education, promotion & awareness
  • C - Financing and third-investment
  • C - Studies & design


rue de Morimont 13A
1340 Ottignies - Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgique
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Bourgois Frédéric
Managing Director - Technical Manager
++32 475 59 16 32