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Founded in 2002 and based in Gosselies, Cenaero is an applied research centre whose mission is to provide companies involved in technological development and innovation processes with high-fidelity simulation methodologies and tools enabling them to design and create high-performance products. Cenaero's Energy & Buildings team is actively involved in the analysis of

-Energy and comfort assessment within building, including night-free cooling, adiabatic cooling, solar stratification,overheating and shading active control characterization
-Pollutant dispersion and destruction in urban area and industrial sites
-Fire case and smoke simulations to assess the norm respect
-HVAC system optimization and integration assessment within building
-Wind effect on comfort within urban area
-Wind effect on the mechanical design of bridges, towers and special equipped roofs and facades
-Wind energy, including dimensioning tools, blade design, wind resource assessment, structural design and manufacturing of metallic and composite elements
-Concept exploration and multi-objective optimization, based on an in-house optimization tool
-Energy recycling on industrial lines

Cenaero offers both SMEs and large companies simulations based on specialized tools that are developed internally and externally. It also has a powerful calculation infrastructure comprising more than 3,000 processors. Cenaero is involved in numerous collaborative research projects, and is coordinating a ERDF project named SIMBA (2009-2013) focusing on the technology transfer of advanced simulation to the building industry.

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