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Panorama biomasse

Biomass in Wallonia ?

In 2010, Wallonia used around 147 TWh of energy;

RE cover 6.2% of the final energy consumption (9.1 TWh).

Biomass accounts for more than 85% of the renewable energy production:
- 5.5 TWh are produced by biomass CHP (1.25 TWh of electricity)
- 0.2 TWh by biogas plants
- 1.5 TWh for residential heating (pellets boilers, stoves, etc.) and the rest is coming from biofuel

Biomass will remain the most important RE source for the 2020 target.

Biomass sector

There are several kinds of biomass sources which could be summerized as:

  • solid fuel: wood, wood waste, pellets, etc.

  • Organic waste (farm, domestic waste, food industry,etc.)

  • Liquid biomass: liquid fuel such as bioethanol and biodiesel

To valorize those biomass sources, TWEED members supply specific technologies: wood gasification, direct combustion, biométhanation, pyrolysis, etc. (see below)

Production de pellets

There are 8 companies that produce pellets with a total capacity of 500,000 tons/year.

However, most of the pellets consumption is imported (Canada, Eastern Europe, etc.) for biomass CHP or the heating market.

The Green Certificate Scheme in Belgium contributed to stimulating the demand for solid biofuels, including pellets, for electricity generation by (co)combustion, Electrabel (GDF Suez) being the major consumer of industrial wood pellets in Belgium.

Source (The World of Pellets, Bioenergy 2010)


TWEED in the biomass sector

European Project

TWEED Cluster is a partner of an EU project, BioenNW:

The project aims to increase the rate of implementation of bioenergy provision within NW Europe through facilitating the development of local, small scale biomass energy schemes (typically < 10MW total energy ).

This will be done by involving with key actors - local government, industrial and financial organisations, by delivering technology demonstrators, and by creating network of centres to provide information and support to stakeholders who want to develop the bioenergy in their locality.

TWEED Members in the sector