Protective visors - A Belgian production with 2 members of Plastiwin (Delplex & DHK)




Members of Plastiwin, the companies Delplex and DHK have partnered with Deltenre & Co to produce a 100% Belgian protective visor!

Under the leadership of Marc Deltenre (Director of Delplex SA), a protective visor was developed by Delplex (which usually produces food display systems for store counters).

Two other companies in the Charleroi region, Deltenre & Co (Paul Willocx) and DHK (Philippe Dubois), joined the initiative, thus allowing the rapid industrialization of this protection intended for the medical profession and other people exposed to the spread of the virus. Production began on Thursday March 26 at Delplex with the cutting and thermoforming of the PETG visors. At the same time, the cutting of the polypropylene support tabs is done at Deltenre & Co. All this was possible in a few days thanks to the responsiveness of DHK which set up the supply of the necessary supplies in record time.

The 3 initiators decided to offer 1,000 masks to hospitals in Charleroi. In addition, production for marketing is underway.

You can contact partner companies for more information:

This physical protection is complementary to the masks. Given the urgency of the situation, the consortium did not have time to have the product certified from a medical point of view, but emergency physicians in the Charleroi region validated the mask during development.

Since the start of production, the consortium has produced more than 30,000 visors, of which 1/3 have been distributed to hospitals or to medical personnel (home nurses, general practitioners, etc.). The 1,000 visors were offered by the 3 companies; in addition, other organizations, businesses or individuals have purchased it for donations.

More conveniently, the visors are packed by 10 unassembled pieces. See below 2 visuals:





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