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In view of our roadmap for the plastics industry, Plastiwin aims at:

  • A better use of digital technologies and high-tech techniques.
  • An improved investment in R&D (including patents for a better positioning in promising markets
  • An implementation of integrated innovation chains based on the analysis of value chains.

To support its members on this path, Plastiwin has defined various actions:

Identify challenges related to innovation.

During field visits, Plastiwin was able to discuss with its members on themes such as innovation and in particular the importance of integrating digitisation within their structures. The first step in raising awareness was somewhat cut off by the co-vid19 crisis. But it emerges from the first interviews that it is necessary for Plastiwin to continue raising awareness among its members to gradually meet up with innovation challenges.

Transmit a technological watch to the members by relying on the expertise of the Walloon Research Centres and Universities

To support members in their technological development and to inspire them, at the start of 2020, Plastiwin had set up a new concept called "Les Matinées Découvertes des Centres de Recherche Wallons". A first one was created early February 2020 with Materia Nova, where more than 50 people were present. Due to the covid19 crisis, it was no longer possible to meet face-to-face. This format was abandoned and Plastiwin had to reinvent itself.  

Being very proactive, Plastiwin has decided to set up a monthly technology watch webinar with the 6 Research centres (Plastiwin members) where a 2020-2021 program has been defined. Plastiwin members can access this program.

Develop a partnership with Sirris on the gradual integration of digitisation in the Walloon plastic industry.

Plastiwin supports the "Sirris" Research Centre to inspire the Walloon industry to gradually move towards more digitalisation. Indeed, within Sirris and their plastic Lab, 5 projects were launched in 2020 to study the expected improvements and a way to help companies improve their processes and products.

-Project N° 1: Proofs-of-concept fabrication optimisation

-Project N° 2: Quality control / inspection

-Project N°3: Parameters monitoring – sensor forest

-Project N°4: Traceability & optimisation

-Project N°5: Traceability & optimisation

Integrate Plastiwin into the “Digital Wallonia" approach

For several years now, Plastiwin has been one of the “Digital Wallonia” approach partner. To guide our members in the future, Plastiwin has decided to register its director, Aurore Mourette, at the «Advisor Training Factory of the Future" training program sponsored by ADN. This training notably allowed Plastiwin to better understand the different facets of the industry to better establish an initial inventory of its members and better guide them, once they are ready to invest in a proactive approach.

Improve collaborations with public / private R&D investment partners.

  • The development of the PEPIT partnership between Plastiwin, Mecatech and Greenwin aims to particularly improve knowledge of Plastiwin and its members towards pole projects so that they can find the resources for their innovation ambitions.
  • Make members aware of investment aid.
  • Integrate the S3 strategy into the Plastiwin action plan.