Our strategy

Increase the Competitiveness of Our Companies

The plastics industry has many companies ready to meet today's challenges and those of tomorrow. Thanks to our extensive network and partnerships with AWEX, we highlight your activities and promote your excellence to enhance your competitiveness. Specifically, we organize meeting places for entrepreneurs to help them expand their business both locally and internationally. We also cover your news and projects through articles and videos that we share on our platforms.

Facilitate Recruitment

The plastics industry faces a shortage of talent and training. To address this situation, Plastiwin has made it its mission to find solutions for redeploying offers in Wallonia. To do this, we will work closely with Walloon actors to develop and facilitate access to training and promote your job offers related to the plastics sector as a whole.

Support Towards a Circular Economy

The plastics sector is increasingly moving towards a sustainable and circular industry. To meet these challenges, Plastiwin supports and promotes your projects, notably through our involvement in Circular Wallonia. In Wallonia, the circular economy in the industry at large would contribute to creating added value ranging from 173 to 488 million euros and generating 3500 jobs. It is therefore up to the plastics industry to seize these economic, social, and environmental opportunities to further increase its attractiveness. Plastiwin intends to play a leading role in this area and will support its members through six concrete actions.

  • Know and make known the ecosystems and catchment areas from upstream to downstream of the value chain.
  • Propose criteria for circular public markets.
  • Develop guides for ecodesign.
  • Improve separability in multi-material products and purification techniques in recycling.
  • Improve stakeholder knowledge regarding the life cycle of plastics.
  • Optimize the logistics chain to increase quantity and collection.

Strengthen the Digitalization and Innovation of Our Industry

Plastiwin actively cooperates with all Research Centers and universities in the cluster and focuses on innovation. This close collaboration allows Plastiwin to optimally guide its members to meet today's and tomorrow's technological and environmental challenges.

We offer our members numerous webinars to facilitate their transition to 4.0. The recent validation of a new collaborative project by the Digital Agency will also allow us to work over 2 years with identified strategy partners and to accelerate the digitalization process. Our goal is to offer our members turnkey solutions according to their needs, based on three distinct points:

  • The development of various tools to identify needs and facilitate the digital transition.
  • The establishment of a sensitization network, through events adapted to high-performance mechanisms at project partners (GreenW'Innovation Challenge, Infopôle On Tour, etc.).
  • Personalized support for SMEs in the sector in their digitalization journey; from diagnosis (with existing tools, such as DigiScore, Digital Skills Scan, ADMA, or FoF Scan) to digitalization itself.



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