Workshop Sirris / Plastiwin on digital transformation applied to plastic injection is open to all!




Exceptionally, PLASTIWIN and Sirris have decided that the 1st workshop on the digitization of the plastics industry will be open to everyone.

What if an inspiration for your digital transformation was right in front of your eyes? Sirris improves its daily efficiency and customer service thanks to ERP, IoT, artificial intelligence integration ... You will undoubtedly find an avenue of innovation for your company !

In 1 hour (June 10 from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m.), Sirris will give you a little feedback on his first experiments on digital transformation applied to plastic injection.

On the program, Sirris will tell you how, with its own plastic injection machines, they tried to set up practical and concrete things to modernize their machines and make them communicate with each other (installation of sensors, retrofitting of machines, new protocols data and data visualization).


You will find the registration link Here.