Webinar / Technology Watch: Walloon plastics industry, job opportunities



industrie wallonne des plastiques

As part of the Essenscia JobsDays, PLASTIWIN was able to present the job and training opportunities in connection with the Walloon plastics industry. Please feel free to watch the video.

In Wallonia, the Plastiwin Cluster represents the plastics, composites and synthetic textiles' industry. More than 120 members for a total of 10,500 employees, 2.5 billion in turnover and a sector always looking for new talents.

With us, no unemployment, but opportunities allowing you to evolve and contribute to the production of products used in everyday life, in high-tech environments, health, renewable energy or even your leisure activities. Behind the plastics industry hides a great diversity of players with men and women who, on a daily basis, are creative and constantly renew themselves. Jobs today and tomorrow, thanks to the adaptability of our industry towards ever more circular economy and innovation!