Visit to "Materia Nova", the Research Center




In 2020, Plastiwin is launching the “Morning Discoveries of Walloon Research Centers” in order to present the 6 Research Centers linked to the plastics industry and members of Plastiwin: Celabor, Cenaero, Centexbel, Certech, Materia Nova and Sirris. On February 4, we inaugurated the first “Discovery Morning” with the “Materia Nova” Research Center, specializing in (bio) polymers and (bio) composite. More than 50 participants !

A big thank you to Materia Nova and to the SPW EER for their presentations, which allowed us to understand the possible collaborations between a company and a research center. In addition to new developments in terms of innovation that allows to give new solutions to the sector of the plastics industry.

If you are a Plastiwin member, please ask us for the presentations via this email: