Visio Ing Consult enables manufacturing and logistics industries to control their operations and improve their margins




Visio Ing Consult enables manufacturing and logistics industries to control their operations and improve their margins



Vision Ing Consult (V.I.C.) was created in 2004. Established in Hannut, the company starts its activities in the quality control and conformity of products on production lines (Industrial Vision).

Thanks to the software engineering skills and the innovative spirit of a team of engineers and developers, V.I.C. was able to respond quickly and efficiently to various demands of the logistics and manufacturing industry by designing, editing and integrating specialized software solutions.

V.I.C. has set itself the task of supporting manufacturers in better controlling their operations and improving their margins through efficient automation of their industrial and logistics processes. The company supports its customers to take advantage of the new technological revolution (Industry 4.0).

Today, V.I.C. satisfied customers active in different fields such as:

  • manufacturing companies,
  • pharmaceuticals, cosmetics,
  • the food industry,
  • metallurgy,
  • plastics, rubbers,
  • carriers, logisticians and warehouses ...

The companies that have trusted us are multinationals as well as SMEs, for example GoodYear, Accumalux, Polimoon Plastohm, AB Inbev.


Zero defects thanks to our Industrial Vision solutions - VIC-FULLCTRL.



V.I.C. is a designer and integrator of identification, inspection, measurement, sorting and robotic guidance solutions in the field of industrial vision.

We develop, manufacture and install customized systems and machines integrating the most efficient technologies of industrial optical systems managed by computer. VIC-FullControl systems are delivered turnkey with a functional guarantee at a defined and fixed price and delivery time.

We support our clients in the complete implementation of their projects, whatever their degree of complexity. The solutions are developed by a specialized, experienced and multidisciplinary team perfectly mastering the fields of machine vision (optics, IT, robotics, mechanics and electronics).


Optimize your logistics performance with our VIC-LOGISTICS solutions

In order to meet the expectations of increasingly demanding, international and connected customers, our solutions improve their performance, responsiveness and quality of service.

VIC's desire is to offer efficient, easy-to-use, ergonomic and adaptive logistics solutions at a rationalized cost.



Our VIC-Logistics software package provides a complete response to the logistics challenges of manufacturers, distributors and logistics providers.

VIC-Logistics allows a better use of space, people and equipment through solutions of:

  • Warehouse management (VIC-WMS)
  • Intra-logistics site management, yard management (VIC-YMS)
  • Production line management (VIC-MES)

This software suite is an integrated offer made up of complementary and independent modules. Fully configurable and scalable, VIC-Logistics adapts to the specifics of your activity and interfaces perfectly with your other applications and infrastructures.

Thus integrated and interfaced, VIC-Logistics will quickly prove profitable by bringing you additional productivity, flexibility and scalability.


Visio Ing Consult and the plastics industry



Active in the plastics industry since its inception (several projects set up in the plastics industry in Oyonnax, France) and member for nearly 10 years of Plastiwin (part of which as director and president), V.I.C. knows and shares the challenges of the plastics industry.

All these years of experience in various sectors of the plastics industry have made it possible to acquire great know-how in the analysis of plastics and the management of their production.

These few examples give an overview of the expertise acquired by Visio Ing Consult in the field of plastics:

  • bottle control (detection of porosity, holes and sealing problems),
  • metrology,
  • checking seals and sealing,
  • the detection of foreign bodies,
  • classification based on sizing,
  • control of marking on plastic tubes or cables, detection of scratches, residues and imperfections,
  • 3D product control,
  • text printing, color analysis or even mechanical product separation systems.



In the field of production and logistics, Visio Ing Consult supports the plastics industry by offering tailor-made, turnkey solutions for the automation and optimization of manufacturing management and stock management. And this in order to improve the productivity, competitiveness and profitability of infrastructures.

Visio Ing Consult is the ideal partner both for integrating standard solutions and for creating and implementing complex solutions in order to fully meet specific needs at controlled costs.


" Visio Ing Consult to run better "

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