Vanheede (non-member) invests in an innovative sorting center for P+MCs




On Friday, February 7, 2020, Vanheede formalized their partnership with the SUEZ group as well as the Intercommunales IDEA (Cœur du Hainaut) and Ipalle (Picardy Wallonia and South-Hainaut) to build the “extended” (or P + MC) Valodec in Ghlin-Baudour. This public-private partnership, initially piloted by SUEZ and IDEA, has thus increased from two to four partners for ever more circular economy in Hainaut. This extended partnership makes it possible to offer a sorting and recycling solution to more household packaging, over a larger geographical area.

Today, Valodec ensures, via the Cuesmes center, the sorting of PMC collected door-to-door for an area of ​​more than 600,000 inhabitants. Put into operation more than 15 years ago, the Cuesmes center must be reinvented to meet the current constraints of sorting and recycling the various materials collected in PMCs, via blue bags or recyparks. A reflection around an innovative industrial project was therefore launched in 2017.


An innovative sorting center adapted to the expansion of PMCs

The Valodec sorting center, operational in the second quarter of 2021, will be innovative and scalable because it is capable of adapting to the extension of sorting instructions. The industrial tool will be able to sort new types of plastics, while continuing to sort the usual PMC flows.

“In order to guarantee the expected level of quality, the latest technical innovations will be installed there - optical sorting, air and ballistic separators - in particular for sorting films and plastic trays. We also plan to sort black plastics (for example mushroom trays) in the long term, which would be a first in Belgium ”- Philippe Tychon, General Manager of SUEZ Recycling and Recovery in Belgium.


A public-private partnership bringing together 4 partners

In order to make the new industrial tool function optimally, Valodec launched a call for applications in 2018 with a view to broadening PMC's contribution. Just like the Inter-municipal IPALLE with all the tonnages of extended PMC collected in the 23 municipalities of Picardy Wallonia and the 7 municipalities of South-Hainaut, we quickly confirmed our interest in taking part in this ambitious project.

“Since we practice our profession with passion, we are confidently embarking on the 'P + MC Valodec sorting center' project. We support developments that create lasting value, both for society and for the community. On the way to a circular economy, sustainably! »Emphasizes David Vanheede, CEO of Vanheede Environment Group.


A local solution that creates jobs

The site, of ± 3 hectares, selected for the implementation of this project is located on the territory of the Heart of Hainaut within the economic activities park of Ghlin-Baudour North, particularly intended for industrial activities.

In terms of jobs, the project, as defined to date and to operate optimally, requires the use of 43 employees. Also, not only the number of current jobs should be consolidated, but new jobs will also be created (± 20 additional jobs), not to mention the indirect jobs necessary for the maintenance and upkeep of the new installation.


Some key figures

  • Processing capacity: ± 5,000 blue bags / hour, i.e. 50,000 tonnes of expanded PMC sorted / year with the possibility of upgrading and extending
  • Valodec will go from 7 to 14 sorted materials for household packaging waste
  • Sorting of expanded PMCs of more than 2 million inhabitants from different Belgian intermunicipal companies and in particular from the Heart of Hainaut and Picardy Wallonia
  • 43 jobs (consolidation of current jobs and creation of ± 20 additional jobs)
  • Investment of over €30 million