New polyurethane resin injection activity at PLASTURGIE LAZZERINI




PLASTURGIE LAZZERINI has been well known for over 57 years for its expertise in the manufacture of fiberglass reinforced polyester parts.

A new opportunity complementary to its activities presented itself when the company Ecoplast ceased its activities.

With the support of the Decube group, of which Plasturgie Lazzerini is part, it has thus taken over a large part of the machine park of the Ecoplast company in order to develop its own polyurethane resin injection activity.

The move took place during the months of the Covid crisis when production was idling. The new activity is now fully operational and 4 additional people have already been hired!

This new investment perfectly complements the activities of the Plastics Industry within the company and thus moves it from industrial craftsmanship to semi-industrial production. Plasturgie Lazzerini can now manufacture series ranging from a few pieces to several thousand copies. It also diversifies the format of the pieces from a few centimeters to several meters.

In addition to semi-industrial production, the Plastics industry is improving in quality. The manufacture of thermo-injected polyurethane parts makes it possible to offer a wider range of high-finish textures such as a carbon finish, brushed aluminum, a wood, grained or leather look ...

The support of the Decube group via its painting subsidiaries also enables Plasturgie Lazzerini to offer its painted parts with a high finish.

Plasturgie Lazzerini is also currently formalizing ISO 9001, which includes a “digitalization” aspect of processes.

If Plasturgie Lazzerini was already working in very diversified sectors such as the automobile, decorations for theme parks, the manufacture of furniture for nurseries and maternity hospitals, industrial parts ..., the company will, through this new investment, be able to strengthen its presence in these sectors and open up to other very diversified markets.

For example, its expertise in the automotive industry such as the manufacture of spoilers, parts for dashboards, hubcaps, hoods ... has already enabled Plasturgie Lazzerini to respond to a market for fins for wind turbines.







The environment is also a preponderant element at Lazzerini. Its investment in polyurethane, which is more easily recyclable than reinforced polyester, enables better waste management.


A production from A to Z MADE IN WALLONIA



At Plasturgie Lazzerini, an idea is enough to materialize an object.

Your project first goes to the 3D design office, which designs a 3D drawing.

A model can then be produced.

Plasturgie Lazzerini then manufactures a master which will serve as a basis for the design of the mold. From this mold, Lazzerini can produce for you from 20 to 4000 pieces / month.

Our new strength is that from design to manufacturing, everything is done in one place at Plasturgie Lazzerini in Hainaut!

Plasturgie Lazzerini can now offer its customers a complete and innovative process covering all of your needs in the manufacture of your part:

  • CAD development assistance for your parts..

  • Manufacture of epoxy and fiberglass tools.

  • Production of fiberglass parts of all sizes.

  • Production of low pressure polyurethane injection parts.

  • Specialization in the production of parts in small and medium quantities.

  • Painting: industrial booth with high-finish liquid paint.

In addition, customers have the option of using different textures (carbon look, brushed, grained aluminum, etc.) for their parts.

They can also benefit from other advantages such as great production flexibility, complete project management (thanks to a unique organization in Belgium) and the company is able to guarantee a rapid return on investment. In fact, the total investment level for a project is very attractive.

You have a project ? Our team is at your service.

Do not hesitate to materialize your ideas and to contact Thierry Lazzerini : 04 75 69 40 91



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