France-Wallonia-Vlaanderen cross-border cooperation: very active Plastiwin members!






GoToS3 is a portfolio of 17 France-Wallonia-Vlaanderen cross-border cooperation projects around 6 “S3” themes

  • chemistry & new materials
  • textile,
  • mechatronics & industry 4.0,
  • health & care,
  • agriculture & food,
  • cultural and creative industries

whose objective is to develop the innovation and competitiveness of businesses (mainly SMEs) in the cross-border territory.

These are research, technology transfer and business support projects. All projects have indicators to inform with companies (specific support, scientific consultancy, etc.) generally subject to de minimis certification.

The main Walloon partners in the portfolio are: Materia Nova (leader of 3 projects, and partner of other projects), UMONS, UCL, LME, Pôle MecaTech, Ideta, Centexbel (Grace Hollogne center), CERTECH, Wap's hub, Fedustria, Wagralim.

Regarding the plastics industry, 5 projects are “directly” concerned:

  • ALPO : use of microalgae to develop bioplastics (Greewin is an associated partner) - (end of March or June 2021, being validated)

  • Biocompal : ultra light and resistant composite based on flax fibers and bio-based resin (December 2020)

  • Bioharv : use of piezoelectric properties of polymers (PLA) to power connected objects (March 2021)

  • Elasto-Plast : thermoplastic elastomers, inform SMEs of what exists and offer a 2nd generation of polymers (March 2021)

  • RETEX : textile recycling routes (cotton / PES), including the plastics route for PES (September 2020 - closing event on 23/06 in Bruges - textile event x design x materials at the end of September to be assembled)


On website, you can find all the projects, and on each "project page", the partners and a project sheet from the brochure:


By extension, 2 projects are also interesting for the plastics industry:

  • Texacov (leader Materia Nova) works on the pollution control of indoor air by functionalization of the textile and collaborates with Biocompal to functionalize a composite (I do not know if the term is adequate)

  • MDTex (Euramaterials leader, Centexbel Grâce Hollogne is a partner): project around the development of medical textile devices according to the needs expressed by practitioners (interesting for you if the topic of health interests you)


Other interesting projects:

  • Fast to Market : support on the market (innovation project of a well-established SME, start-up, project leader - there are 3 targets), proposal for specific courses / workshops - Ideta leader
  • Tripod II : support for companies on the use of design as a lever for value + organization of training / workshops in Charleroi - Tournai (action led by Design Innovation)

  • Protopitch 3.0 : support for companies in the CCI sector but by extension any company can participate in pitch training (in French / English) which is offered by LME


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