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Discovering PRECICAL is simply looking around and realizing that a multitude of objects around us are made of plastic, thanks to a technique called injection.

As you will have understood, PRECICAL is active, in particular, in the plastics industry. This company specializes in the study, design and production of molds for plastic injection, silicone injection, compression, forming, gas injection molds or even "bi-material" injection molds. ".

But PRECICAL is also a highly qualified team in the machining of precision mechanical parts by turning and milling or in the production of extrusion dies.

For more than 40 years, this family business located in Hermalle-sous-Argenteau has developed around the theme of precision mechanics. Currently at the head of the company, Eric Troupin, the founder's son and his wife Carine, have invested on the one hand in high-tech equipment, new 5-axis CNC milling units, electro-erosion machines. by wire and by routing, and on the other hand in human resources, by hiring highly qualified personnel, to expand the R&D department and to manage new equipment.

At PRECICAL, we do not speak of “customers”, but more readily of partners. And the business sectors of the company are very diverse. We find there in particular: the medical and pharmaceutical field, electronics, electricity, automobile, aeronautics, defense, packaging, food, industry .... The common point of these various partners: the search for precision and the desire to establish, with a supplier, a relationship of trust allowing permanent exchanges to bring any project to fruition to the best of its requirements and needs.

PRECICAL has at its disposal a fleet of machines which allows it to carry out tests, carry out pre-series or production. (Presses from 6 to 300 tons, for injections from 1g to 750g). These different machines are equipped with 6-axis handling robots which allow injection assistance for overmolding, sorting, palletizing ... Thanks to its partners, Precical also offers a D Class cleanroom injection service.

In addition to the design and production of precision mechanical parts, as well as molds for the plastics industry, PRECICAL also offers the production and assembly of hybrid assemblies and various tools that may include:

  • Sheet metal parts, painting, surface treatment, ...

  • Precision welded parts

  • Plastic parts and mechanical components

  • Electronic components

  • Wiring

  • etc.


At the request of its partners, PRECICAL also offers, à la carte, the internal management of technical production flows, from assembly, packaging and storage until scheduled delivery!

In order to respond to specific requests and to keep pace with technological developments, PRECICAL regularly collaborates with university centers, as well as with various members of PLASTIWIN.

As Eric Troupin explained to us: “In this business, it is difficult to compete in terms of price with emerging countries, but certainly not for service, quality, proximity, engineering and know-how. that make all the difference. That is why we continue to invest in the best of technology and in the competence and experience of the staff ”.

And Eric Troupin concluded with an invitation: “Request a visit to our facilities, we will do everything to convince you! "

Contact: Troupin Eric,, +32 4 374 93 70

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