COVID-19: Our Member Weimat receives ATP certification for its 100% Belgian FFP2 type masks








ATP certification for the LeanMask MED, the sustainable, washable and reusable 100% Belgian brand!

The Belgian company Weimat (Eupen) receives today from Mensura Consult an ATP (Alternative Test Protocol) approval for FFP2 type masks from Mensura Consult for its durable, washable and reusable LeanMask MED mask.



This testing protocol is a short procedure that allows rapid assessment of which masks to release or reject as FFP2 based on current shortages of FFP2 masks in the context of the COVID-19 crisis.

The ATP provides an indication of the extent to which the mask can be considered to conform to EN-149 or similar foreign standards. The mask can be rejected or released with or without additional terms of use. These tests are approved for the FPS Economy.

Since the end of April, Weimat, a family firm based in Eupen and specializing in the design, molding and manufacturing of accessories but also in precision mechanics, has developed in its high-tech workshops the production of a 100% Belgian reusable and durable mask. A well-sealed mask, which can be easily washed in the dishwasher. A solution made in Belgium which provides a solution to the current overconsumption of disposable surgical masks.

Following market demand, the company has developed a new model called the LeanMask, which is innovative, light and flexible. Its name is a nod to the automotive sector: Lean manufacturing, which is positioned in clean, local production, in search of the appropriate response to customer needs, improving quality and eliminating waste. If the milestone of 10,000 masks sold had been reached in one month, the company was still awaiting Belgian certification this summer…. Blame it on fuzzy, costly, uncertain and Kafkaesque procedures. It's done !


About the mask

The reusable, recyclable and sustainable mask offered by the company Weimat is a light and flexible plastic mask, made of TPE synthetic material (non-irritating to the skin). Two models have emerged.

LeanMask Day and LeanMask Med, which has just been certified, which is very waterproof and conforms well to the curves of the face and nose. It comes with an FFP2 filter.



About Weimat

The company Weimat was founded around 30 years ago by the father of Alex Weiss, current CEO. This company, initially specialized in precision mechanics for aeronautics, then turned to the design and manufacture of molds for plastic injection, specializing in small series and the manufacture of complex prototypes. 16 years ago, after training in the automotive tooling sector in Switzerland and Canada, Alex Weiss joined the family business of 5 or 6 people to develop it into an SME occupying 6000 m2 and 45 workers ( industrial designers, specialized technicians, production workers, administrative employees). The company has diversified its activities into OEMs, OEMs (for the most prestigious automotive brands) and has developed its expertise in precision mechanics. Weimat's turnover until 2019 was 8 to 10,000,000 euros. While some sectors remain efficient, such as the design and manufacture of PET injection molds (for the production of water bottles, for example), some departments have been affected by the crisis due to a 25% drop in turnover. 'business. Among these: precision mechanics but also tooling, molding and injection mainly for plastic car accessories. It is because these production lines have been slowed down and Weimat anticipated the future shortage of masks that the company quickly decided to embark on the design and production of durable and made in Belgium masks.


Useful information

LeanMask MED Price (Translucent)

24,90 EUR / each TVAC (25 FFP2 filters included)


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