BIOHARV project: 4 years of cross-border collaboration on PiezoPLA and many perspectives



Started at the end of 2016 and coordinated by IMT Lille Douai, the BIOHARV project has enabled the development of solid cross-border expertise in piezoelectric biobased polymers of the PLA * type, ranging from its transformation by plastics / textile processes to the characterization of electroactive properties at various spatial scales. Unique piezoelectric properties have been demonstrated for this functional material as an alternative to PZT * ceramics and PVDF * with an innovative alliance between environmental performance and material / manufacturing costs drastically reduced without neglecting technical performance. Cross-border collaboration has also been crucial in proving application concepts at the laboratory scale (sensors, energy μ-generator, transducers, etc.). Many technical challenges obviously remain to be overcome (advanced formulations of PiezoPLA, incorporation of flexible electrodes, textile versions, etc.) but a strong application potential has been detected for these functional materials. The potential of this material was notably discussed in a closing event organized on February 3, 2021 to define future R&D actions in collaboration with manufacturers to move towards more precise application markets in the near future. This webinar brought together some fifty academic and industrial experts on emerging applications of piezoelectric polymer materials. A day rich in information on recent advances in functional polymer materials with numerous discussions on these new technologies. Application perspectives are emerging for PiezoPLA at the crossroads of connected objects, industry 4.0, biomedical and emerging manufacturing technologies with structuring actions to be explored in the INTERREG FWVL area and at the European level for a rapid implementation of these technologies on an industrial scale. To be continued in the coming months ...

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