Vanheede Environnement Group collects, recycles and recovers waste from private and public companies. The Group employs 877 people in 15 branches in Belgium, Luxembourg and France. The group of companies as a whole processes over 1 million tonnes of waste a year, over 98% of which is recovered. As an integrated environmental company, Vanheede Environnement manages over 2,400 waste streams under the motto "Towards a circular world, in a sustainable way".

Products and services

We recycle a wide range of plastics. In addition to recycling polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP), Vanheede Polymers & Compounds also offers solutions for the more technical and harder-to-work-with plastics generated during the production process. PP- HDPE- (L)LDPE -PS -Technical plastics. We produce both flakes obtained by grinding as well as plastic granules which are obtained after thermal extrusion of incoming plastic streams. Grain size can be defined according to customer requirements. Our machines are also equipped with dust removal and detection equipment.

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