The UMONS welcomes more than 10,000 students and offers nearly one hundred degree courses in its seven faculties and three schools. within its 7 faculties and 3 schools. Relying on nearly 900 researchers, research at the UMONS aims to develop a widely recognized expertise for the benefit of society and in particular of its region. Since 2012, the University of Mons has reorganized its research activities through a structure based on ten research institutes, ranging in size from 50 to 100 researchers. Among these, the Research Institute for Materials Science and Engineering.

Products and services

The services offered around plastic materials are numerous. The institute has a wide expertise in R&D in the design and characterization of polymeric materials. The major expertise lies in : (i) the "custom" synthesis of polymers with controlled macromolecular structure, (ii) the production of filled polymers (in nanoparticles) and/or filled polymer blends using green processes, including reactive extrusion, additive manufacturing and the development of polymer materials for specific applications (packaging, electronics, biomedical,...). The Materials Institute has a range of equipment covering the entire value chain, from synthesis/functionalization to the final characterization of material properties.

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