A center of excellence for training and raising awareness of technological professions in Wallonia, TechnoCampus provides training adapted to the needs of companies and to the transition towards the fourth industrial revolution of Industry 4.0. Through its high technical and educational skills, TechnoCampus performs four societal missions: 1. Promoting access to employment and social inclusion; 2. Reducing labor shortages in companies seeking to hire competent staff and / or increase the skills of their own staff; 3. Secure the technological future; 4. Ensure a proactive contribution to the future of the planet.

Products and services

TechnoCampus offers companies, job seekers and schools a range of training courses in 10 areas: Computer-aided design, Assembly (welding, boiler making, piping), Production technologies (machining, 3D printing, etc.), Automation and Robotics, Special techniques (refrigeration, HVAC, etc.), Measures and controls, Maintenance, Management and organization of work on the production line, Safety, Energy and the environment (industrial home automation). This offer is constantly evolving to adapt to the needs of industries; it is intended to be modular and as flexible as possible, in terms of duration, educational content, location and resources implemented. TechnoCampus trainers are highly qualified in technological and pedagogical mastery.

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