SUPERPLASTIC specializes in the supply and advice of plastic and synthetic products for the construction industry (building and public works), construction and industry. The company also has a workshop (cutting, gluing, welding, etc.) for all types of plastic sheets and panels (PVC, Plexiglas, Polycarbonate, Dibond, Pokyethylene, Nylon, etc.).

Products and services

SUPERPLASTIC offers 3 main categories of products. For the construction industry, the company offers: storm basin, gutter, inspection chamber, sludge trap, drain, sheath, membrane, parking - driveway, PVC - PP - PE pipes and accessories, plate, roads, etc. For construction, the range is diversified via sanitary drainage, water-heating supply, rain-gutter, roofing-cladding, tank-pit, handling-storage, film-tarpaulin, ... And finally PVC plates and panels (Plexiglas - Polycarbonate - Polyethylene, ...).

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