Founded in 1928, the company was originally specialized in the manufacture of lead profiles for the stained glass industry, an activity which was finally sold in 2019. In the early 1950s, the company developed a whole range of wooden profiles coated with metal, before embarking on the extrusion and injection of profiles and accessories in thermoplastic material. Much research is being carried out to improve product performance, particularly in terms of the circular economy, by participating in the Horizon Europe innovation program.

Products and services

Stillemans offers profiles for the furniture industry, whether edging, technical or decorative profiles, feet, profiles for the mobile home and caravan industry, luxury parquet floors and wall coverings. , anodized aluminum profiles and accessories injected in thermoplastic materials. Currently the company has more than 3500 different tools! The articles are available in many finishes (more than 2,500 finishes) whether in plain colors, flexible or rigid, in lacquer, metallic, granite, wood, co and tri extrusion finishes. The main sectors are the caravan and mobile home industry, furniture, lighting and interior fittings.

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