SBS PLASTICS Trainings & Consultancy

“Passion for Circular Plastics”. With a solid experience in the plastics industry, SBS Plastics Trainings & Consultancy is working since 15 years with companies which produce, sell, design, transform, recycle or use plastic materials / parts. Sabine Schneider provides in-house plastics trainings and technical and marketing support to the plastics industry. The intervention can be ad hoc or a longer-term mission. SBS Plastics Trainings & Consultancy also represents companies active in the field of twin-screw extrusion.

Products and services

SBS Plastics provides training in plastics processing in French, English or German. The training topics covered include raw materials, transformation processes (compounding, injection, extrusion, etc.), quality and the circular economy in the plastics industry. The company also provides technical advice on materials and processes, and marketing advice on innovation and the acquisition of new markets. Sabine Schneider also represents the German company FEDDEM,, manufacturer of co-rotating twin-screw extruders & extrusion lines and the French company Sciences Computers Consultants,, and their Ludovic® simulation software for co-rotating twin-screw extruders.

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