For more than 40 years, POLYMIX has displayed know-how and multi-skilling in the marketing of thermoplastic materials, standing out for its quality, innovation and service. Founded in 2018, POLYMIX BENELUX strives to pass on these values in Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. Its specialised team offers a diverse range of engineering plastics, transparent materials, compounds and eco-responsible solutions for various sectors such as cosmetics, automotive, medical and consumer goods.POLYMIX BENELUX is part of AMP-POLYMIX Group, one of the leading polymer distributors in Europe and North Africa.

Products and services

They carry out a global watch in more than 35 countries, to share all the latest European, American and Asian innovations with their customers, in order to address the challenges and specificities of each market. Thanks to the extent of our range, they objectively offer the material best suited to the requirements of their customers. They advise in project development, the implementation of tests but also in the context of a substitution of material. Their approach responds to the problems of competitiveness and innovation assets (cost reduction, metal replacement, technical monitoring, etc.).

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