Plast4Life was founded in 2022 as a joint venture between Aseptic Technologies and Simonis Group, supported by SRIW, with one goal in mind: to provide biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical, diagnostic and research fields with the highest quality polymer components, produced by custom injection molding in very clean conditions. Aseptic Technologies and Simonis Group brought in Plast4Life their deep understanding of processes in critical environment, their qualification and validation requirements. The custom plastic components manufactured by Plast4Life are used as medical devices and tools in pharmaceutical pathways.

Products and services

The aim of Plast4Life is to provide solutions to our customers, not just plastic parts. With this in mind, we offer to our customers a wide range of services which can be tailored specifically to their individual needs, including: R&D, Concept Studies and Parts Design; prototyping and Material Selection; Molds Design and Manufacturing; Molds Testing and Validation; Top Quality Injection Molding; Post Production Operations. From design to validation, Plast4Life is here to support you with clean injection molding services.

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